Welcome to our virtual world browser based game script, soon you will be able to download your own copy and setup your own game. Currently we are in testing stage, with users helping to iron out the final bugs. Please signup and take a look around

Compete in a virtual world with other players
Complete missions to progress
Unlock further areas and cities as you progress
Race carts, upgrade, compete, win and more
Hack bank cards, scan players, and collect items
Fight, buy weapons & armour, earn exp, level up, join gangs
Explore the streets, gamble, catch wild pets, mine, use factories

The game is currently in testing stages, as soon as we are complete it you will be able to find a copy to download and setup on your own website. Please help us by signing up and playing the game, if you come across any bugs or issues, you will be able to report them to our dev team who will quickly fix them.